Why purpose is essential for employee engagement

A purpose-driven company has an important objective that creates meaningful impact for all stakeholders: customers, employees, communities and investors. Having a sense of purpose boosts employee engagement. A study reported that 73% of employees who say they work at a “purpose-driven” company are engaged, compared to just 23% of those who do not.

How can you improve trust, pride and employee engagement?

To maintain trust you need to pursue trust-building actions such as developing a culture of trust and sharing. Use the power of storytelling to build and maintain trust. Our Storytelling Backbone helps you do that. Develop pride in your organisation by collecting employee stories by highlighting the impactful work already being achieved and by teaching leaders how to talk about pride with their employees.

How do you connect employees to corporate storytelling?

The company could start by inviting employees to share their own stories of work they are proud of. In addition, the company could demonstrate the power of pride and how to tell a great story. Offer your leaders storytelling skills and incorporate this into all leadership development programmes. Having leaders talk about pride at work also has a significant impact on their employees’ own sense of company pride and job satisfaction. This is certainly also the case when they encourage storytelling.

You want your employees to feel connected to your company and to bring values and ambitions to life.

You want employees to be able to discover, tell and share their own employee stories to inspire one another. 

You want your employees to feel connected to your company and to bring values and ambitions to life.

Success stories

Engaged employees Randstad

How can employees and flex workers worldwide be incorporated into the Randstad corporate story? By giving them a platform to tell and convey their story. We play a leading role when it comes to shaping tomorrow’s world of work.

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Engaged employees G4S

G4S recruits, develops and deploys the best people in the industry. With around 570,000 employees, G4S is one of the world’s largest private sector employers.

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Engaged employees ABN AMRO

Working in the interest of people, the company and the world. That requires a corporate attitude based on people and the meaning the company can offer them.

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The ideal storytelling backbone: OneStory®

At Storytelling People, we have developed a complete story development process: OneStory®. The name virtually says it all. It is what we see as the most manageable way for any organisation to develop a strong story and tell it in a sustainable and consistent way – at all levels, both internally and externally, and in all forms of media – in your own OneStory® App. Its value is twofold: it ensures consistent communication through all channels and gives you insight into your budget, resources, implementation plan and content at all times.

For storytelling, we use our own OneStory methodology. This storytelling method ensures consistent storytelling at all levels, both within your organisation and externally. 

Space for employee ambition

More than ever before, the new generation of employees is looking at the story behind the company. Employees want to achieve their individual ambitions but also want to be part of a larger story. They want to be proud of ’their’ company and employer. Employee engagement is about connecting people and offering perspective. It is about creating ambassadorship. A OneStory® Backbone programme with an inspiring corporate story as a starting point offers an organisation all the tools it needs to bolster and strengthen this unifying force.

How to create engaged employee ambassadors?

The power of the OneStory® Backbone

Why is the storytelling program relevant?