Corporate story

You want to have one clear corporate story that unites all of the different stories in your company. Just as the trunk of the tree acts as the supporting base for all the branches and leaves of the tree. We have a process for developing a corporate story that relates to your entire collection of leadership, employee and customer stories.

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OneStory® backbone programme

You want to create a dedicated programme for developing your storytelling Backbone in order to boost leadership, employee, and customer engagement. What do you need and how does this relate to your available budget and planning? In order to maintain constant control over all storytelling activities, we develop a clear implementation plan together with you. Having a good implementation plan is crucial; it helps to co-ordinate everyone involved and keeps the storytelling on track.

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Ambassador programme

One of the specific aspects of storytelling that is becoming increasingly important is: creating fans and ambassadors who continually spread the story of your company. For this, we have developed a customised workshops programma of 1-2-3 workshops.

You want your executives and managers to lead your company and act as role models in bringing values and ambitions to life.

You want your employees to feel connected to your company and to bring values and ambitions to life.

You want to connect your customers to your corporate story and bring your added value and corporate values to life.

Storytelling scan

You want to gain insight into the current level of maturity of storytelling in your company. We offer storytelling scans for gaining clear insight into the maturity level of your Storytelling Backbone with respect to boosting leadership, employee, and customer engagement.

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Storytelling manual

A firm foundation for anyone involved in the storytelling process. It provides an overview of the core issues that help to keep storytelling consistent. It represents the core story, the mission, the vision, and the core values in compact form. In other words, the foundation on which all of the storytelling is ultimately built.