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You want to be part of it. It is a human characteristic to want to be part of a larger whole, also in your work. We want to be proud of what we do. Of our own achievements and how that  contributes to the success of the entire company.

Why should every organisation have a corporate story?

A clear corporate story gives meaning to the organization. It provides direction in terms of mission, vision, and ambition. It helps the organisation to deal with continuing dynamism of this age, often with rapid changes in market conditions, managers and employees.

The Corporate Story: the starting point for Employee engagement

A clear corporate story offers a basis for the continuing dynamism of this age, often with changes in managers and employee personnel and rapidly changing market conditions. The story gives direction to the mission, vision, ambition and  engagement.

You want your executives and managers to lead your company and act as role models in bringing values and ambitions to life.

You want your employees to feel connected to your company and to bring values and ambitions to life.

You want to connect your customers to your corporate story and bring your added value and corporate values to life.

OneStory® Strategic corporate story

You want to have one clear corporate story that unites all of the different stories in your company. Just as the trunk of the tree acts as the supporting base for all the branches and leaves of the tree. We have a process for developing a corporate story that relates to your entire collection of leadership, employee and customer stories.

The corporate story is the strategic core story for all your communications. The corporate story brings unity to the organisation. Internally, it increases the employees’ feeling of pride and involvement. Externally, it improves the loyalty of customers and the brand’s reputation. It is concrete: a tangible, easy to read and convenient document, in which the central story is told from various perspectives, such as HR, PR, brand management and sales. It is an anchor point for your business operations, a guideline for the organisation and a springboard for implementing ideas and actions over the short and long-term.

OneStory® Bring identity to life

Every company has an identity. A company comes from somewhere and has a past, even the latest start-up that was conceived in the minds of a handful of enthusiastic entrepreneurs. The story is hidden within the underlying idea. The spark that ignited the company is the company’s DNA. Successful companies know their identity inside out. And what’s more important: they know how to translate this identity into stories that illustrate all these fundamental elements.

Stories that come from every direction, both internally and externally. Stories, celebrating the highlights and capturing learnings from the lows. Stories, featuring individual examples of talent and initiative, as well as exceptional power of collective cooperation. Storytelling turns the abstract accessible stories about people, for people. Thanks to storytelling, concepts such as identity, mission, vision, ambitions and strategy acquire meaning in people’s hearts and minds.

How to develop engaging corporate stories?

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