Storytelling People – The engagement company

Storytelling People is the international authority on storytelling and company engagement. We inspire, connect and make the people within an organisation proud of their business. Connecting people and bringing unity to the story of organisations and businesses: this is the drive behind Storytelling People. Founded in 2012, our partner organization of storytelling consultants is located in the World Trade Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

OneStory® – A new perspective on company engagement

Engagement is a challenge that every large company is currently facing. Our OneStory® backbone programme empowers leaders through an inspiring story and creates a company culture of trust and pride. The strength of our OneStory® backbone lies in the realisation of the three essential engagement pillars: engaged leaders, engaged employees and engaged customers.

With our OneStory® methodology, we ensure the successful implementation of the story within and outside of the organisation. An important step in this process is the development of sub-stories: aligning the core story with the specific requirements of departments such as Marketing, Communication and HR. This involves the process of colouring in the corporate story such that the theme of the story can be sympathised with and understood. A consistently told and shared narrative strengthens the company’s reputation, promotes employee engagement and increases customer loyalty. The OneStory® activities consists of:

  • We capture the company narrative in a corporate story.
  • We implement the corporate story with our OneStory® backbone programme, tools and workshops.
  • We monitor consistency in the corporate story in the long term.

Connecting people

Storytelling People specialises in corporate stories and storytelling. We believe in stories as a valuable communication tool. We give them greater depth and edit them for companies, organisations and brands. Why? Because people are increasingly looking for stories that they can actually believe. Corporate stories that inspire and enthuse them so much that they want to be part of them. Corporate sttories they want to share with others. Business stories that make the people who work there proud and are able to connect with customers. Organisation stories that ensure that everyone knows where the organisation is going and why and how. And brand stories that take people seriously, tell them more about products and services, and invite them to join the discussion. 

Inspiring people

At Storytelling People, we are driven to contribute to the business story in general and to people’s personal growth as a storyteller. Inspiring people is our top priority. Personal attention, encouragement and direction are central to our way of working. Storytelling affects people. When Storytelling People search and find the story that connects people. A story that enthuses and creates connectedness and involvement. Whether it’s about strengthening identity or brand image, spreading company values or claiming leadership; with Storytelling People we get organizations and people moving and create stories that take people into the future. The stories we create differ in function, but have one thing in common: a good story ignites a fire that can no longer be extinguished.