We bring unity to the story of organisations and businesses. That is Storytelling People’s raison d’être.

We enthuse organisations by finding, collecting and telling their corporate story.

The corporate story is the fuel for stories which people take with them into the future. The bigger story is the key to a strong connection with anyone who can contribute to growth: employees, stakeholders, customers media and public opinion.

Great stories start a fire

Organisations with a story are more successful. We like to compare corporate story, storytelling and community building with a camp fire which everyone can warm themselves around. We have taken on the task of lighting and spreading that fire.

We connect people in a shared story through storytelling. We use corporate storytelling and community building to bring that we-story to life in storytelling campaigns, workshops, websites, books and the OneStory® CommunityApp.

Storytelling People

Our name, Storytelling People, underlines the fact that ‘the story’ and ‘telling the story’ is all about the person. We are an authority in the field of corporate storytelling, corporate stories and corporate communities. We want to inspire our customers with stories that really matter.

We believe with our heart and soul in the Storytelling People dream – which is all about connecting people.

It is our mission to ensure that companies become lively and successful storytelling organisations. With more than 25 years experience and a proud customer base we are continuing to build, with every confidence, on the unique Storytelling People partnership.

What’s your story?

The real story of organisations has to do with the people. They are the ones with life, passion and experience. We at Storytelling People are pure storytellers, and specialists in our storytelling specialist fields. We find, translate and tell our customers the most inspiring corporate stories.

  • We record the raison d’être story of organisations in a corporate story.
  • We use corporate storytelling to connect people and organisations.
  • We make the corporate story personal with our OneStory® CommunityApp.