The customer story is a personal story

The customer is the most valuable asset of any company. The ideal customer is perceived by the company as having a human face. A real person, with interests, hobbies, curiosities, feelings, hopes, questions and even suggestions. Customer engagement is about reinforcing the relationship with the customer as a person. It is about showing sincere interest in their life and in their answer to the question: is there anything else we can do for you or anything we could do better or differently? It goes beyond the pursuit of customer loyalty. What you ideally want is for this customer to become a personal story, for them to share their enthusiasm with the outside world.

Turn customers and business contacts into fans

From customers to business contacts, and from prospective to existing stakeholders, storytelling helps connect people to the story of the company and the brand more strongly than can be achieved using conventional marketing methods. Internet and social media are making it easier than ever before to enter into dialogue with anyone who is important for the brand or the company. For example, customers can be asked about their personal opinion of products or services.

Bring the story to life

Storytelling dialogues can be created that establish stronger connections between people. This may take the form of personal emails or online video messaging and short films for customers and business contacts that are appealing or interesting enough to bring the story to life. The world has opened up to interactive storytelling and companies that make good use of this will be able to reinforce their connection to employees and customers. Building on trust will bring the reward of an ever-stronger reputation, a higher favourability factor and increased popularity. This is how storytelling can turn people into fans.

You want your customers to feel connected to your corporate story and to bring your added value and corporate values to life.

You want your customers to discover, tell and share their own personal customer stories to inspire others.

You want to connect your customers to your corporate story and bring your added value and corporate values to life.

Success stories

Engaged customers Oracle

For Oracle Netherlands, gaining insight into the actual ‘value for the customer’ is essential. Using customer stories in storytelling workshops helped internal staff see their customers in a much more human light.

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