Our OneStory® backbone will strengthen your company engagement

We are unique in providing the OneStory® backbone that facilitates our clients to develop their storytelling backbone and to grow their company engagement. We offer you our people, the best practices and a toolkit to improve your storytelling backbone.
With this unique blend, you will be able to quickly start developing your storytelling backbone and to really make a difference by effectively and efficiently working towards growing a more engaged company.

Defining the why

Defining the Why and How of the OneStory® programme to increase employee engagement includes actions such as:
• Articulating the (higher) purpose statement
• Providing a compelling answer ot he question: what do we do?
• Reframing responses in order to answer the question: what is the purpose of what we do?
• Creating a dashboard to measure the effects of the programme
• Sharing personal stories about what we do and how it makes a difference
• Collecting stories about our purpose and the changes we are making
• Get measurable results in terms of an increase in shared leadership, trust and pride
• Plan ahead for successful implementation of the programme
• Gather meaningful stories to help kick-start the programme
• Gain fully committed agents for change to help lead the way

Making a difference with our people, as well as the best practices and toolkit

Your OneStory® Programme benefits from our:

  •  Best practices, based on our experiences collected in the implementation of our OneStory® backbone.
  •  Of-the-shelf tools, concepts and technology, gathered together in our Storytelling toolkit.
  •  Capabilities and competences of our personnel, each a specialist in their specific field.

Competence, Culture and Leadership

Storytelling workshops are an ideal way of building the appropriate competence, culture and leadership abilities to discover and share stories. The workshops are about connecting and inspiring employees. Their strongly interactive nature enables the participants to play an active role in creating the story. Our storytelling workshops offer the perfect balance between practice and inspiration. Our trainers are leaders in their storytelling field, and we offer a broad range of workshops and training courses. Let’s talk about Competence, Culture and Leadership.

Tools and Technology

We have off-the-shelf tools, concepts and technology available in our Storytelling toolkit. Some of these were developed within our own company, some were developed together with our partners, and some were offered to us by our partners. Our Storytelling toolkit helps in kick-starting the improvement of your storytelling backbone. Instead of starting from scratch, the use of our tools will help you to increase the momentum to make the change. Let’s talk about Tools and Technology.

Processes and Procedures

Over time, we have developed an extensive set of processes and procedures for embedding storytelling within an organisation. These processes are in line with the strategy of the organisation and are suitable for growing the company engagement. Your company will benefit from an extensive toolset that will provide an excellent starting point putting effective processes and procedures in place. Let’s talk about Processes and Procedures.