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G4S recruits, develops and deploys the best people in the industry. With around 570,000 employees, G4S is one of the world’s largest private sector employers. Their employees touch the lives of others every day, providing crucial services to keep them safe and secure. Company success is underpinned by the way we lead and engage with our people.

How does storytelling work and how do I develop a storytelling programme? The corporate communication department of the internationally active security group G4S chose the One Day Story scan to help them gain insight into the options and costs. In this workshop, the managers concerned connected with storytelling, their strategic story choices and personal stories at a deeper level. The blueprint for a customised storytelling programme was specifically defined with the help of our ABCDE storytelling method.

Storytelling and the employee engagement challenge

Do you want to …

  • Improve your understanding of the real challenges of employee engagement?
  • Find new and creative storytelling methods to meet these challenges?
  • Refine your engagement strategy with storytelling in your employee engagement plan?

Why choose employee engagement discovery?

According to our employee engagement consultants, 88% of employees feel no passion for their work. Discover how to change that in a sustainable way, using the power of storytelling.

Our discovery is a specific workshop, focused on one of the topics below:

  • Refining your engagement strategy with storytelling
  • Generating ideas and developing the strategic employee engagement plan to meet your challenges

What will you experience during our employee engagement discovery workshop?

Employee engagement discovery is a specially designed workshop organised to enable you and your team to better understand and respond to the engagement challenges you face. During the workshop, our employee engagement consultants use several scans to gain insightful information about how storytelling can be used.

The discovery creates a space to explore employee engagement challenges, to use new insights into engagement to open up different ways of thinking, to generate out of the box ideas for solving your engagement challenges using a storytelling programme, to refine your strategy and develop the initial outline of an employee engagement plan.

It is a facilitated workshop designed to guide you through heated discussions, unspoken issues and unaddressed possibilities regarding employee engagement challenges. Our employee engagement consultants provide a safe place for envisioning and beginning to create a new future. It provides facilities to strategise, question, discuss, uncover, think, challenge, debate and agree on the way forward.

It is a perfect opportunity to experience the value of storytelling for developing sustainable employee engagement. The discovery workshop will deliver:

  • Fresh perspectives and new insights into your challenges from our employee engagement consultants
  • Renewed energy within your team for facing their challenges
  • A report that summarises our findings and the steps ahead in an employee engagement plan

Why is purpose important for company engagement?

People want to work for purpose-driven organisations. They value development, career progression, transparency, fairness and flexibility. The challenge lies in getting them emotionally connected, offering them the development opportunities they need, and retaining your top performers longer.

As a business, you have to think ‘customer first’ and most managers are trained to think ‘results and operations first’. But to keep the best employees in your ranks you need to think ‘employee first.’ You have to build their confidence, motivation and know-how in order for them to stay clear-headed, resilient and performance-focused. So how can you do that? Discover the solutions in our discovery workshop!

Some examples of what can be achieved:

  • An increase of 18% and up to 74% in employee engagement.
  • An increase of 9% in engagement by transforming the way people talk about performance.
  • An increase of 14% in employee engagement by turning managers into leaders.