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Randstad: Shaping work / company engagement

Since its start in 1960, human resource service provider Randstad has grown into a global corporation with approximately 30,000 employees and 600,000 flex workers every day. How can employees and flex workers worldwide be incorporated into the Randstad corporate story? By giving them a platform to tell and portray their stories. It is the start of the storytelling campaign: Everyone has a link to Randstad. The stories motivate employees: we play a leading role when it comes to shaping tomorrow’s world of work.

Why are employee stories important?

Employee stories are important because they have an emotional impact on readers. These stories are great in making internal communications more effective, whether the objective of the communication is to improve employee engagement, communicate change, gain buy-ins, or increase awareness.

Employee stories tell you a lot about what a company is focused on and how it engages its employees. This is what employees’ stories can tell you about different companies:

  • The company’s achievements are driven by the skill and capability of its employees.
  • Employing great people is one of the company’s core values that they deliver in their mission to help investors meet their financial goals. “They showcase their great people on their careers page, and throughout their company content.
  • Hiring creative, innovative, open-minded people – and letting them run wild with their ideas – has helped make the company a technology giant
  • Embracing their employees’ innovative drive has fueled the company’s success in introducing new products
  • Facilitating the creation of a people-oriented company. Dig into their employee stories a bit more, and you’ll notice something different once again. The stories are about community, diversity, giving back, and the investments the company makes in its people – not about how employees helped a big client achieve big.

Sharing employee stories encourages everyone in the company to share their own stories about how their work is making a difference. Reports show that results have exceeded expectations – a wealth of employee stories have been collected, morale has soared and turnover has plummeted.

Randstad purpose: Human forward

In order to further accentuate its purpose and strengthen employee engagement, Randstad has developed the purpose: Human Forward. It offers employees perspective on how they are viewed, assessed and valued by the company.

Great storytelling experience – Human Forward StoryBook

Employees were invited to write their own individual stories on Human Forward on a variety of platforms. This resulted in 6,000 Human Forward books that were shared with customers.