One of the challenged many companies face is actually implementing engagement. For that purpose, Storytelling People has developed a storytelling toolkit. This hands-on package of products and services helps with the implementation of a powerful Storytelling Backbone within the organisation.

* Story manual

A firm foundation for anyone involved in the storytelling process, from management and marketing to external agencies. It provides an overview of the core issues that help to keep storytelling consistent, such as tone of voice, logo usage, typography, design, photography style, copywriting applications, and so on. But it also represents the core story, the mission and vision, the core values in compact form. In other words, the foundation on which all of the storytelling is ultimately built.

* Storytelling manual

Always handy: a compact document or talking sample videos in which the most important storytelling tips are clearly recorded. What is it? How does it work? What should I pay attention to? How do I build a personal story? What are good storytelling tips? In the end it’s all about: fun, challenge and development.

* Storytelling campaign

Advertising is about brand awareness, brand preference, image, sales and other specific marketing objectives. Storytelling is purely about connecting. A storytelling campaign is the carrier for translating your corporate story, both internally and externally. What we offer is a connecting storytelling umbrella under which all messages as well as target groups find their place.

* Storytelling implementation plan

What do we need and how does this relate to our available budget and planning? In order to maintain constant control over all storytelling activities, we develop a clear implementation plan together with you. In this, we determine a variety of elements, such as what resources are being used, what further details or internal collaboration is required and when different aspects needs to be delivered. Having a good implementation plan is crucial; it helps to co-ordinate everyone involved and keeps the storytelling on track.

* Storytelling ambassador programme

One of the specific aspects of storytelling that is becoming increasingly important is: creating fans and ambassadors who continually spread the story of your company. For this, we have developed a number of customised workshops pertaining to the most common applications, from leadership to train-the-trainer workshops. Ultimately, everything focuses on allowing the greater story to be conveyed and shared by people who have made that story their own to such an extent that they are able to use it to inspire others. ‘Stories spread like wildfire’ may be an old saying but is still very relevant and effective when used in new ways.

* Storytelling films and videos

It is not that people read less but that they watch more film and video. The use of these tools in corporate applications has also increased dramatically. The added value of moving images and sound is so significant that they are virtually must-haves in storytelling. They can be incorporated in a number of ways, such as corporate films as living brand manifestos or individual vlogs by key employees. For this, too, we are able to assemble tailor-made teams of professionals for concept, script and execution.

* OneStory® App

This tool allows any story to be shared online on an individual or collective level. The app is the gateway to a powerful platform that helps facilitate the development of a personal, internal communication channel. The platform is structured in such a way that each story can be shared with anyone at any given time, which helps activate story sharing. It is extremely useful for storytelling, exchanging ideas, motivational programmes and specific employee engagement activities.