The power of the OneStory® Backbone

Make contact, establish a connection

When you work, you want to belong. It is a natural human trait to want to be part of a larger whole. We want to be able to be proud of something, of our own achievement, as well as what that achievement contributes to the success of the entire company.

The condition for this is, however, that you know where your company is heading, what it stands for, what it wants to be and how it aims to achieve this. Storytelling not only ensures that the mission, vision and ambitions are clear but also ensures that they are embedded in the hearts of everyone at the company. Storytelling means making contact. Storytelling creates a connection between the story of the organisation and the people who play a role in it. Not by informing, but by involving. After all, power cannot be imposed, it is achieved from within. When people exchange stories over the long-term, it creates a bond that has a major impact on the positive efforts that people make at every level.

What is a Storytelling Backbone?

The Storytelling Backbone is an integrated set of structure and culture in the company intended to facilitate the storytelling strategy, and is focused on improving the shared values. The storytelling structure consists of the organisation, processes, tools and technology. The storytelling culture consists of the style and skills of the staff that belong to the organisation.

The backbone determines how storytelling is facilitated and brought to life throughout the organisation. How stories are discovered, built, told and shared in order to increase employee engagement and improve shared values. The backbone includes:

  • The stories, e.g. corporate stories, employee stories, customer stories
  • The processes and activities, e.g. workshops, townhalls, team meetings
  • The tools and technologies, e.g. the OneStory app, intranets, movies, newsletters
  • The style and culture, e.g. attitude, behaviour, focus, interaction, cooperation

Why is it relevant?

An effective Storytelling Backbone helps bolster employee engagement in the company. It helps the company increase employee respect for executive leadership, pride in working for the company, a positive feeling about the company culture, and a sense that your work matters.

That translates into higher customer satisfaction and greater financial performance.

Investing your efforts into building and improving a strong Storytelling Backbone is what makes the difference for the company over the short and long term. Using tailor-made storytelling programmes, we work together with you on improving your Storytelling Backbone.

How to develop and improve your Storytelling Backbone?

Using tailor-made storytelling programmes, we work together with you on improving your Storytelling Backbone. Your programme could include:

  • Developing appealing corporate stories that can move people – compelling in the sense that it triggers employees to relate to it.
  • Enabling the company to gather and share relevant customer stories – not only to be used in marketing, but in increasing pride in the company as well.
  • Facilitating employees’ efforts to discover, build, tell and share personal stories.
  • Developing the leadership capabilities of key employees throughout the organisation in order to improve their ability to foster customer respect as a leader.
  • Providing tools to enable story sharing. Tools for discovering, building and telling stories, such as a storytelling handbook and targeted training.
  • Providing moderns tools to facilitate easy sharing of stories throughout the company. One example is the OneStory app from the Storytelling People.
  • Increasing awareness in the company regarding style and culture and the impacts it has, through the use of inventories, assessments and workshops.