Why should every CEO embrace storytelling?

If every company is a story, then the man or woman at the top should be the storyteller. CEOs who actively convey the company’s story, both internally and externally, help to create a greater sense of authenticity and credibility. After all, they have contributed to laying the foundations that help define and formulate the mission, vision and ambitions, making their role as ‘ambassador’ undeniable.

Why should every organisation have a corporate story?

A clear corporate story provides the backbone for the dynamic transformations that permeate this day and age, and which often include changes in management and personnel as well as rapidly developing market conditions. Stories give direction to the mission, vision, ambitions and employee engagement.

A corporate story creates unity, connects and inspires

Do you want to achieve unity within your organisation? Creating a corporate story increases the engagement of your employees internally. But more importantly, it also ensures that your core values are communicated to the outside world. Your identity, mission, vision, strategy and values gain meaning in the hearts and minds of people thanks to corporate stories and storytelling. A corporate story provides a story that helps to intensify the spark between your management and employees, as well as between your organisation and its customers.

You want your leaders to have a compelling leadership story.

You want your leaders to bring your company story to life with inspiring leadership storytelling.

You want your executives and managers to lead your company and act as role models in bringing values and ambitions to life.

Success stories

Engaged company Heineken

‘The magic of Heineken’ is an exceptional corporate story. It is a sparkling all-encompassing story in the form of a book, experience, film and event. A success story about how you can bring corporate DNA to life.

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Engaged employees ABN AMRO

Working in the interest of people, the company and the world. That requires a corporate attitude based on people and the meaning the company can offer them.

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Turning managers into story leaders

The world is asking companies and leaders to show more and more of themselves. Purpose is high on the agenda for organisations. What place does your company occupy in the world? As a leader, you put your heart and soul into your company. You are the company, especially in the eyes of your employees. How do you create inspiration as a leader? You and your company are a story. The power lies in your message. The way in which this connects to the past, present and future is shared consistently and experienced as authentic.

The key to leadership engagement is the ‘story’. Good leaders are not born, they create themselves. What have been your most meaningful leadership experiences? On what considerations or convictions do you base your decision-making? How do you see the future? In the leadership story, answers to these questions are woven into a coherent and inspiring story. Storytelling People helps to develop and share visions, values and storytelling leadership

How to develop engaging corporate stories?

Why storytelling leadership works

The connecting power of corporate storytelling