How can you develop an engaging corporate story?

‘A strong strategic communication tool’

The most successful companies in the world have a corporate story that offers a framework and connection for the entire organisation. It enables any organisation to maintain widely supported engagement in an effective and unifying story.

Corporate story: the #1 communication tool for today’s business.

The corporate story records the core story of an organisation based on the essential questions of Why, How and What. Why are we here, how are we working on our mission, and what resources are we using to do so. It is an essential tool for illustrating the strategic thoughts and actions of companies and organisations. It is an instrument that provides a direction and a framework for internal and external positioning and marketing. Internally, your corporate story increases the involvement of your employees. Externally, it improves your reputation by creating ambassadors. As a mental compass, it ensures unity of action between management and employees. ‘We shape this company together’ is a feeling that can never be achieved automatically, and which is essential for uniting employees behind the Why of the organisation. Companies that impart a true feeling of pride and confidence to their people are more efficient, innovative, productive and flexible.

A higher purpose is essential to your corporate story

Employees need inspiring leaders with a strong vision. The added value of storytelling for global companies lies in the corporate story and corporate storytelling helping leaders communicate their vision to their organisation. The company is a story that is continuously passed on to subsequent generations of leaders. That is no easy task, and particularly not in today’s turbulent world. Sometimes even the spirit of the business can get lost in the shuffle. This often has an immediate effect on employee engagement and customer relations.

A workforce motivated by a strong sense of higher purpose is essential to engagement. Meaningful, fulfilling and motivating work is directly related to identifying with a clearly defined and inspiring higher purpose. Employees with purpose-driven leaders show an improvement in their engagement levels. Incorporating purpose storytelling training into your leadership development programmes will help participants speak to people’s hearts as well as to their minds. Encourage everyone – from interns to the CEO – to share their own stories about how their work is making a difference.

The result will be a strong sense of trust, pride and leadership – all essential elements to company engagement.

OneStory® methodology: core concept and core story

The corporate story is the essential core story that differentiates the positioning of your organisation. Storytelling People combines controlled project management with a dynamic story process based on co-creation. Your story is further developed through a detailed step-by-step plan and clear storyboard. Storytelling People uses a fixed methodology based on two phases: the core concept and the core story. In consultation with you, we determine how your specific target groups can be involved in your story. Two phases are important here:

  1. The internal involvement of employees in your story;
  2. The external involvement of customers and stakeholders in your story.

Creating your story

A corporate story brings unity to your organisation. In order to get to the core of your story, we delve deep into your world. First, we map out the rational, instrumental side of your company. Storytelling People then distinguishes itself through pure storytelling. The true gold in a story lies in the world of perceptions that people experience. During our interviews with the management team, customers and employees, we uncover values, motivations and ambitions. These dialogues ultimately lead to the creation of an authentic and innovative story.

We reduce your wealth of stories down to the essentials. Where are you now, how did you get there, where do your strengths and growth potential for the future lie? The mission, vision, values and story concept merge to form a single compact story. The interconnections and dynamics of the world in which you operate become tangible. The corporate DNA of your company is captured.

Corporate story: a storytelling source

Your corporate story will only be successful if your employees and customers are able to connect with your story. After all, they ‘are’ the story. With special storytelling training courses and workshops, we translate the basics of your story for your management team and internal target groups. Our OneStory® app is a powerful tool for sharing your story online. Our OneStory® app makes one-to-one communication possible and inspires you to continue expanding your story.  

Your corporate story becomes a success story when it appeals to, compels and unifies people – both internally and externally. Not just in the short-term, but sustainably. Daily life offers opportunities for every employee to become a storyteller. Your employees, from the sales department to HRM, integrate the corporate story into their own motivations, work activities and stories. Managers also become the ambassadors of your story. This is how your story comes to life.

Corporate story: a storytelling source

Your corporate story ensures that your core story remains clear and unambiguous, even when a number of different sub-stories and resources may be used to communicate internally and externally. The translation of your corporate story may include:

Leadership story

You want to develop a compelling leadership story to bring your corporate story to life for the leaders and employees within your company. We enable you to do this by helping you develop your leadership story.

The leadership story reinforces the position of leaders by using stories to communicate the organisation’s purpose. It offers a concrete framework for managers to inform, inspire and motivate people internally. Within the company, this leads to an enhanced ‘we-feeling’, ensuring that everyone within the organisation is heading in the right direction and providing a clear perspective of the ambitions and objectives being pursued.

Employee story

You want to create a unifying employee story to bring your corporate story to life for your employees within your organisation. We enable you to do this by helping you develop your employee story.

The employee story brings your corporate story to life for employees within your organisation. Using the corporate story as the basis, you can get your organisation moving and steer the processes of change. The employee story is often supported by personal stories from employees, best practices and case histories. Storytelling is used to clarify core values or underscore the organisation’s vision, ambitions and changes. A strong employee story reinforces the trust employees feel.

Customer story

You want to create an appealing story for customers that is related to your corporate story. We support you in the development of your customer story, preferably together with your customers.

Customers have a story to tell! Customer stories help organisations position customer personas, reinforce customer loyalty and enhance the customer journey. Storytelling is essential for building trust and a distinctive profile.