Engaged company Amgen

Amgen: Transforming medicine / company engagement

‘To serve patients’ is the mission of this global pharmaceutical group. We have bolstered the story of this Dutch organisation with a ‘pioneering’ corporate story. Amgen has a life-changing impact on people’s lives and health. In order to turn employees into story ambassadors, we are developing an online storytelling strategy using the OneStory® App. Storytelling workshops, manuals, videos and live meetings come to life on this platform.

The Amgen story: ‘To serve patients’

Amgen is proud to be known for our extremely reliable supply of medicine to our patients. Amgen is one of the largest biotech pharmaceutical companies developing and introducing an increasing amount of new medicines to help serve the needs of patients all over the world. In combination with our primary focus on affordable healthcare, we are constantly improving our production systems & processes.

Amgen B.V. is the sales & marketing organisation for the Netherlands. The approximately 600 employees employed with Amgen Breda share the same mission: “To serve patients.” Amgen B.V. came in 6th place at the 2018 Great Place to Work Award competition. The employees of Amgen are proud to be part of an organisation with a strong mission and are driven to make a contribution to this mission. Its continuous drive for innovation helps Amgen and its employees develop and challenge themselves – and become true ambassadors for the organisation.

Why is pride essential to employee engagement?

In the context of employee engagement, pride refers to a humble and content sense of connection to a company.

In order to develop pride, people need to know that their work has an impact on the company and on its customers. They want to know how their work fits into the larger picture. They want to know what other people do, and how their roles fit in.  They also need to believe that their work is contributing to the mission, that their skills are needed, and that they are individuals whose contributions matter.

Pride is one of the four most important factors in creating high employee engagement. Proud employees are more engaged and therefore more productive and focused at work. Creating an environment of pride helps fuel the success of your company. Pride is about building a culture of transparency, open communication, and a strong sense of belonging. Pride is a product of praise, independent self-reflection, and truly knowing that you are a part. Pride grows when it is shared in stories throughout the company. Develop pride in the company by helping employees understand what the company does, what it sells, what it makes and how it makes it. But more importantly – why it sells it, and why it matters to people. Have a quest as your mission and let them know how the result of their work or the product makes a positive impact.

Respect, company pride, culture, and a belief that your work matters, are all interrelated. Your mission statement must be an authentic reflection of your intentions. And the narrative should be cohesive throughout the organisation. Your employees will only be proud of your authentic, impact-oriented mission if they know about it. If it is constantly shared in stories throughout the company. Does your company support charitable or community events? Does your company contribute to sustainability? Does it get great press? Telling your employees all about these activities will help earn their pride and respect.

As an employee, I take pride in understanding how my company impacts its customers. How has it changed their lives, their moments, their work? Customer stories give everyone who has played a part in making those customers successful an opportunity to feel proud. A great outcome for customers is a great source of pride.