The connecting power of corporate storytelling

‘The added value of storytelling for global companies’

Storytelling People uses corporate storytelling to strengthen internal engagement. As a result, the corporate story becomes visible and tangible to employees, clients and stakeholders. The value of experienced employee engagement is considerable. Employees can identify and connect with the meaning and higher goals of the organisation. Business contacts know what they can count on. Corporate storytelling also makes the social meaning of your business real and concrete.

What is corporate storytelling?

The rational way of communicating provides information based on facts and figures. Storytelling, however, enables people to experience what this data really means. Stories enable employees to give meaning to their work and life, pass on knowledge, change behaviours and understand their past and future. Corporate storytelling is communication based on dialogue in a business context. Connect your employees and ignite the fire in your corporate culture

The added value of corporate storytelling

In the context of engagement, pride refers to a humble and content sense of attachment to the company. Proud employees are more engaged and hence more productive and focused at work.

Corporate storytelling is an inspiring means of communication that engages employees in the meaning and future of the organisation. Corporate storytelling can be used in a variety of ways. This can include making the vision and mission tangible, developing leadership, facilitating personal growth and encouraging cooperation. Corporate storytelling intensifies employee engagement and brings the story of the company to life.

Storytelling: what, how and why?

Successful companies have stories that answer the questions: Who are we? What makes us unique? What are our origins? What is our dream, mission and ambition?

Stories have the capacity to show people and allow them to experience things they would otherwise miss. Stories illustrate corporate values and give a human face to a company’s vision, ambitions and core values. Stories connect people, involve them in the organisation, inspire and energise them, and make them proud of their collective achievements.

And pride is a powerful, productive motivator. Storytelling People helps companies to discover and tell their authentic stories, in any way possible, both internally and externally. We develop stories that link up with the company’s identity, making that identity visible and tangible to employees, customers, stakeholders and the outside world.

Market value of a credible story

Leadership in a modern context focuses on answering the question: to what extent are you able to make your employees, customers and other stakeholders believe in the enticing vision of your company and call them to action? Your story is invaluable for your company or organisation: it is the beating heart of your corporate culture, where the past, present and future converge. Your employees can identify with your organisation’s vision and values. Your business partners know they can rely on you. People gain insight into where you come from and where you want to go. You make the social significance of your company visible and tangible through your leadership story.

Vision and story

As a leader, you want to get the best out of your employees. But money cannot buy loyalty, passion and enthusiasm. People will go the extra mile if their hearts are moved and they believe they are working towards something good. That makes developing a unifying vision all the more important. A vision is more than just a paragraph in an annual report. It is also more than an idea floating around in the director’s mind. We call it the proverbial bright spot on the horizon – the depiction of the future. A vision story works when it leads others towards a common dream, as well as the meaning behind that dream: something that is heartfelt and that you passionately want to achieve. Together towards the future – that is the core of the leadership story.