Leadership storytelling workshop

You want executives and managers to be able to discover, tell and share their own leadership stories to inspire others. You want your leadership story to be supported by a wider variety of personal leadership stories. This workshop helps your leaders bring your company story to life with inspiring leadership storytelling.

The leadership storytelling workshop has been developed for managers who want to use storytelling to strengthen their personal leadership skills and their leadership within the organisation. Leadership in a modern context focuses on answering the question: are you able to guide your employees and customers toward your vision of the future? You should be able to tell your story and talk about why that story is so important to the people who are willing to listen. In this workshop, you make the ultimate connection between storytelling and leadership. You gain all the experience and tools that you and your organisation need. Specific storytelling techniques and leadership stories are the key elements.

The workshop teaches you how to use storytelling to inspire and connect employees as a leader. How do you become a chief storyteller? Leaders have to seek connections and promote engagement every single day. Storytelling is a technique for this that is still undervalued. Learn how to influence, convince and inspire through stories. Focus on the essentials. Strengthen commitment. Manage change. The aim of storytelling is to connect people.

The leadership storytelling workshop has been developed for organisations that want to introduce directors and management teams to the power of storytelling. In this workshop, you learn to experience and discover storytelling. We teach you how to tell personal stories. You will be inspired by your interaction with others. You will experience how a powerful story can affect you – and others. You will learn everything there is to know about applying the correct storytelling techniques. You will be inspired by practical examples of best-of storytelling. And above all, you will further cultivate your own personality because you will know how to tell a calm, clear, inspiring, sympathetic and authentic story.

Why storytelling?

Storytelling shows ‘who we are’ and ‘what we mean to each other’. Using personal stories within organisations serves a variety of purposes. They provide direction and meaning to the mission & vision of the organisation. They make the collective dream visible. They clarify the personal ‘drive’ felt by individual employees.

Leadership storytelling workshop

You want your leaders to bring your company story to life with inspiring leadership storytelling.

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