Leadership story workshop

You want your executives and managers to lead your company and act as role models in bringing values and ambitions to life. Your success lies with them being engaged in the company and being able to share this enthusiasm. This workshop inspires leaders to develop a compelling leadership story.

The leadership story workshop has been developed for organisations looking for a common leadership story. Leaders who use storytelling increase their impact on the organisation. Leadership and the story are central to this programme. Managers as story leaders help bring the organisation’s dreams to life.

Stories that are carried in the minds and hearts of everyone have a unifying effect. Successful organisations develop their own guiding and inspiring we-story. Who are we, what makes us unique and where are we heading?

This workshop has been developed for organisations that are searching for their own story and is highly suitable for CEOs as well as HR, communication and marketing managers and their departments. How do you get to the core of a leadership story? And what is the role of the corporate story? What is the connection between storytelling and the right organisational stories? In the workshop, we work together with you to create a shared story.

The leadership story

Here, we work on a unifying leadership story. The leadership story is a synthesis of personal vision stories from the management team. The stories are about the why; the mission, vision and core values of the organisation. The leadership story has the power to inspire people because the story is truly authentic and helps to clarify the vision.

Leadership story workshop

You want your leaders to have a compelling leadership story.

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