What story types can be used to create your corporate story?

1. Your Founder Story.

This is the story of why your organisation was started and the needs it was trying to meet. Share this story with all of your employees to help them better understand the story and to encourage them to retell it in their own personal and professional circles.

2. Your Impact Story.

This is the story of who you help and how you help them. It portrays the values your company holds concerning the people or communities you serve. It is more than your mission statement.

3. Your Client Impact Stories.

These are stories of how you have helped people. They support your impact story, personalise the work you do and are a reflection of your purpose. They help employees become more and more engaged in your organisation.

4. Your Employee Impact Stories.

These are stories that show how employees make a difference every single day, no matter what their role. They demonstrate how the individual employee’s work contributes to the organisation’s purpose and value. These stories deserve to be collected and shared within the organisation.

5. Your Personal Stories.

These are stories about you, and they help people connect with you. Stories about the work you have done on the front lines, stories about your understanding of the challenges your employees face, or personal stories about who you are. Being able to relate your stories as a leader is key when it comes to employee retention within the organisation. Share the pride!