What is the importance of trust in building up leadership engagement?

You have to develop a culture of trust and sharing. Use the power of storytelling to build and maintain trust and employee engagement.

Trust is the firm belief in the reliability, integrity or abilities of someone or something. Trust in an organisation is built upon interactions. The focus here is mainly on trusting that everyone is doing what has been decided or agreed upon. Otherwise, a sense of indifference can emerge. However, in highly dynamic organisations that face an overabundance of creative crises and new situations, this kind of functional trust is often not enough. This is because the nature of the company makes it impossible to rely on standard procedures. If you do not trust those you work with (to catch you when you fall), then you may find it hard going.

We need to get up close and personal if we want to develop this kind of trust. We need to develop trust at a deeper level. If you engage in dialogue, you can actually talk about your fears, doubts, and feelings of uncertainty. If handled correctly, this helps to build trust.