How can you translate the Why and the purpose of an organisation into a corporate story?

Documenting your Why

We document the Why of your organisation into one core concept based on research, corporate documentation and interviews. We believe strongly in the philosophy that the Why can be reduced to a single word or powerful term. The corporate story is the blueprint for adding further substance to your story with leadership, organisation, brand and sales stories. The corporate story also makes it easier to manage control of your community building efforts.

We begin each corporate story with the social challenge and raison d’être of the organisation. The mission & vision, corporate DNA and the Why are all brought to life in an inspiring core story. Throughout this process, we help clarify the Why, How and What of your organisation. One essential step in this direction is connecting the Why with the personality, positioning and perspective of the organisation. The question involves defining who we are, what we stand for and where we want to go. We finish the story with the bright spot on the horizon, the organisation’s dream of the future. And finally, we formulate what is necessary to make the corporate story a success.