For whom is the corporate story intended?


The corporate story is intended for anyone who is able to contribute to the success of your organisation or brand. This could include the management team and employees, customers and business relations, stakeholders and influencers, you name it. Employees want to work for an organisation that matters. They want to be part of the story. When it comes to their work, they look for a connection with their own dreams and ambitions, as well as each other. The corporate story then reinforces this connection and commitment to your organisation. A close-knit culture evolves based on a shared story.

Customers do not buy products, they buy into a story. By translating your corporate story into your external communications, your story also comes to life outside the organisation. ‘It takes a thousand voices to tell a single story.’ The corporate story is expressed in a strategic communication plan. The story should be anchored in your internal and external communications, so that it is conveyed coherently and consistently. Employees become your ambassadors and customers your best references. This helps your story to gain more far-reaching support and an increasingly wide audience.