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After the webinar will you know about:

  •  The fabulous features of the storytelling
  •  The 8 storytelling patterns in business
  •  The 4 elements of Storytelling
  •  The 2 easiest way to build trust in you as a leader

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ABN AMRO says:

“We are a bank that creates space for people to fulfil their dreams and ambitions, both large and small. The leadership team understands that as leaders, they are the role models in charge of facilitating that change. Earning employee respect as a leader is the first essential key to developing employee engagement. It is what leadership is all about.”

E-book: Storytelling Leadership

The basic components of the e-book are:

  •  Why storytelling and how does it work on a behavioural level?
  •  What goals would you like to achieve through storytelling?
  •  What is the problem and what are the key messages?
  •  What is your best story to convey key messages?
  •  How do you tell the story effectively?
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