Online Storytelling Leadership Programs

In these online programs you will discover why storytelling is an effective tool for you as a leader to
engage your employees. Both in times of “business as usual” as well as in times of crisis and change.
And why both you and your story are key in doing so.

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These are demanding times. For everyone, but certainly for managers in companies with quite some employees. Do you recognise these challenges?

  • How to manage crisis and change?
  • How to keep focusing on the essence?
  • How to keep your employees engaged?

Choose one of these options

  • Basic: 4 Storytelling Leadership Workshops of 1.5 hours (with theory, examples and interaction)
  • Interactive: Basic + (3 practice Workshops of 1.5 hours + a live Workshop of 3 hours)
  • VIP: Interactive + (4 individual coaching sessions Storytelling Leadership of 1.5 hours each).

Online Storytelling Leadership Programs

Why storytelling? Leaders need to build and create engagement. Every day, but certainly in time of change and crisis. In modern context, you as leader should be able take your employees and customers with you on the journey toward your vision? To enable people to follow, you need to tell them compelling stories, with “the power to move men.”

Storytelling is a greatly undervalued instrument in companies. Despite the widely recognised power of stories in everyday life. Do you want to learn how to influence, convince and inspire people through storytelling? Do you want to become a chief storyteller? This online program is designed to discover the value of storytelling for you as manager.

We will challenge you to connect storytelling with your leadership. We will help you to determine which stories to tell for the specific objectives. And we will provide you with tools and techniques to discover and tell compelling stories. Now and in the future.

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“These online programs enable you to engage employees and customers”


The program will help you to understand the value of Storytelling and provide you with effective methods, tools and tips to discover, enhance and tell your stories.

The basic components of the online program are:

  • Why storytelling and how does it work on a behavioural level?
  • What goals would you like to achieve through storytelling?
  • What is the problem and what are the key messages?
  • What is your best story to convey key messages?
  • How do you tell the story effectively?

*The workshop program can be in English or Dutch.

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Benny van der Poel, Partner Business Manager, SoftwareONE

“Fantastic program; I learned a lot. Facilitators tell you gently how to apply stories in daily practice. Tailored, because they put effort in assessing your specific situation, to help you in the best possible way.”

Shashi Baboeram Panday, CFO Talpa Media

“Often you leave a training without energy. Not in these programs. I just left full of energy. Facilitators personality, approach and intrinsic motivation make ít fun and educational. Highly recommended!”

Freek van Lemmen, Executive Director EMEA Medical Affair, Astellas Pharma Europe

“We were challenged to develop our stories and actively tell them to our audience. The program helped us to become more aware, vocal and active in telling compact and authentic stories.”

Tineke Bijl, Senior Manager, Nationale-Nederlanden

“I experienced this program storytelling as very valuable. Facilitators study the participants, adapt the program to the needs of the group and know how to convey the essence of storytelling in an inspiring way. It enables putting it into practice immediately.”

Paul Wouters, Communication manager, Nefarma

“Substantively well-founded, creative and active programs to experience storytelling. And to discover the impact of an enthusiastic, authentic story on yourself and others. Results: more appreciation and engagement in the company.”

Program results

This storytelling program opens up a world of insights. Participants will be provided with:

  • the foundations of storytelling and its value
  • the way storytelling works at the level of values and behaviour
  • the function and value of the leadership story to engage employees
  • the key capabilities in telling your compelling story
  • valuable inspiration and feedback from the coaches and participants
  • tips on how to continue using storytelling as manager
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Your coaches

Dr. ir. Reynold Chandansingh
& Erik Mathlener

Storytelling People is the international authority on storytelling and company engagement. We inspire, connect and make the people within an organisation proud of their business. Founded in 2012, our partner organization of storytelling consultants is located in the World Trade Center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Dr. ir. Reynold Chandansingh
Coach, Amsterdam

30+ years in engaging people smartly

Erik Mathlener
Coach, Zwolle

30+ years in telling stories effectively