Leadership program advanced

You want your executives and managers to lead your company and act as role models in bringing values and ambitions to life. Your success lies with them being engaged in the company and able to share this enthusiasm. You want executives and managers to be able to discover, tell and share their own personal leadership stories to inspire others. You want your leadership story to be supported by a wide variety of personal leadership stories.

This programme inspires leaders to develop a compeling leadership story, as well as to discover, tell and share their own personal leadership stories to inspire others. Bring your company story to life with onspiring leadership storytelling.

This programme gives you the inspiration, implementation plan and storytelling tools you need to develop a powerful leadership ambassadorship throughout your organisation.

How can you make engagement into a story? Research shows that change only really happens when people feel involved and when something truly speaks to them. Stories set people in motion. Storytelling is the catalyst for organisational change and the on-switch for your corporate culture.

Storytelling for leaders: how to live your story

Leadership development is an essential tool for achieving company goals. The focused leadership development process in the Storytelling for leaders workshop bolsters the feeling of inspiration among managers and employees, and transforms them into something greater than simply their job description. Success within an organisation is based on people’s ability to ‘lead’. Storytelling is an outstanding leadership tool. In this programme, you will become a leader and story ambassador. The challenge for every leader lies in: motivating and connecting employees.

Leadership program advanced


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    We offer storytelling scans for gaining clear insight into the maturity level of your Storytelling Backbone with respect to boosting leadership, employee, and customer engagement.

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