Why is a corporate storytelling strategy relevant to customer engagement?

Effective storytelling builds strong connections with customers. It is much more than simply telling a good tale. It is about empowering strong emotional connections and developing high customer engagement.

Stories help to shape our identity and culture. They are the building blocks of our lives, providing valuable reference points that help our brain process information. In fact, our brains are hard-wired to process thoughts through stories. Unless the left side of the brain (facts) and the right side of the brain (creativity) connect, we cannot create memory. People also use stories to make sense of the world and to transport themselves to the realm of the possible.

A storytelling strategy takes into account how we process stories and uses the power of narration to access customers’ imaginations, emotions, motivations, memories, hopes and fears, aligning the company’s vision with the customers’ individual drive. A storytelling strategy supports the basic tenets of customer engagement: be honest, be positive, be concise, and show growth.