When is it time to create a corporate story?

A good corporate story feels like coming home. A good corporate story revolves around recognition, pride and a sense of belonging. It is a story that is supported by everyone and that helps bring people together. Nothing is stronger than the power of a shared dream. It creates unity of action between management and employees. And that unity is infectious for customers.


  1. You have undergone a major organisational change. A corporate story provides meaning and acts as a compass for the future.
  2. You recognise the difference between your identity and your image. A corporate story gives direction to all internal and external communications.
  3. You have a powerful vision of your future. A corporate story connects this vision with everyday practice and strengthens the ‘we feeling’.
  4. You have a company with a story and are proud of that. A corporate story is authentic, distinctive and provides recognition, emotion and perception.