What is the return on investment of a storytelling workshop?

Storytelling People offers an extensive range of storytelling workshops and training programmes. The choice between a workshop and a training programme depends on the goal you have in mind. This can range from improving your own presentation skills and strengthening employee engagement to increasing customer loyalty and brand reputation. Whichever workshop you choose, your story remains the common thread throughout.

There is always sufficient leeway to adapt the form and content of the workshops based on the nature and aims of your organisation. A great deal is possible, so the clearer your choice, the more focused and effective the workshop will be. In order to optimise this tool, you will need to establish: a unique and effective connecting point for your organisation. Our workshops & training programmes offer organisations a wide range of options for personal, internal and external storytelling.


  • Personal growth
  • Increasing confidence and composure
  • Removing the fear of public speaking
  • Strengthening leadership abilities
  • Discovering


  • Motivating others
  • Increasing engagement
  • Conveying who you are
  • Connecting the common story
  • Sharing values
  • Ensuring knowledge sharing
  • Building trust


  • Conveying the vision, sharing the mission
  • Spreading a consistent company story
  • Adding personality
  • Imparting core values
  • Strengthening trust
  • Maintaining and expanding reputation
  • Sharing content knowledge
  • Giving the company a human face