What is the power of storytelling workshops?

Inspiring stories

The power of the storytelling instrument workshop: it is not about transmitting information but about involving and engaging others. The story is not imposed top-down but instead grows from the inside out. For example, the company story can be uncovered through a number of step-by-step storytelling questions, such as:

  • What makes up the DNA of our organisation?
  • What is the Golden Circle of our organisation?
  • What factors have led to our current success?
  • What is the reason for our existence?
  • What drives us?
  • What are our success stories?
  • What is our vision on connecting people?
  • What is our dream or bright spot on the horizon?
  • What is our core story?

Storytelling narratives are effective in eight areas:

  1. Call to action > Motivating others to take action
  2. Communicating who you are > Personal stories encourage others to trust you
  3. Sharing values > Conveying your core values and beliefs
  4. Building trust > Strengthening your reputation > company story
  5. Increased collaboration > Ensuring that people work together more effectively
  6. Bolstering communication > Providing unity and meaning in the story
  7. Sharing knowledge > Improving knowledge development and sharing
  8. Creating a vision > Developing and sharing your vision with others