What is the power of corporate stories?

The power of corporate stories in a nutshell

1. Corporate stories create unity

Do you want to achieve unity within your organisation? Creating a corporate story increases the engagement of your employees internally. But more importantly, it also ensures that your core values are communicated to the outside world.

2. Corporate stories make connections

Your identity, mission, vision, strategy and values gain meaning in the hearts and minds of people thanks to corporate stories and storytelling.

3. Corporate stories inspire

A corporate story provides a story that helps to intensify the spark between your management and employees, as well as between your organisation and its customers.

4. Corporate stories capture the essence

Writing a corporate story means capturing your core story. And the shorter, the better. It’s about finding the essence. A strategic storytelling plan is used to translate the core story into all of your communication tools.

5. A corporate story is a blueprint for the future

The goal of creating a corporate story is to determine the course your company will take. It is a strategic compass for the future and the starting point for all of your communications.

6. A corporate story links stories together

A corporate story communicates the identity of your brand or organisation. Storytelling creates stories that connect people, leading them into the future.

7. A corporate story offers leadership

A corporate story provides a concrete framework for managers to inform, inspire and motivate people.

8. A corporate story brings core values to life

A corporate story communicates the core values of your organisation from the inside out. The organisational story breathes new life into your history, corporate DNA and core values. It strengthens the trust felt by employees and customers.

9. A corporate story is sustainable

Companies are increasingly judged on what they contribute to society and to people’s lives. CSR is something of which employees and customers need to be aware, which is only possible with a strong and close-knit corporate culture. CSR can only be effective if it is communicated properly. Storytelling and the corporate story are very effective tools in making core aspects of corporate culture, such as corporate social responsibility, relevant on a personal and collective level.

10. A corporate story creates story ambassadors

Good management unites the organisation in striving for a higher goal. Embedding a corporate story in your company is crucial in this. If the power of a story is felt on the inside, it will also be powerful as it reaches the outside world. The first step is to create ambassadors within your management team. Step two is then the connection that managers make with their staff to inspire them to continue telling the story… What do you need to create a story ambassador?

Ambassadors work within a story framework. They have to truly live the core story of the organisation. Ambassadors can access a collection of stories about themselves and the organisation. Story ambassadors know how to elicit stories from others. They pass on this ‘ambassadorship’ by encouraging others to tell their own stories.