What is the perfect storytelling program?

A storytelling programme enables you to improve the Storytelling Backbone in your company. It is most often tailor-made. Your programme could include:

  • Developing appealing corporate stories that move people – to be compelling in the sense that it prompts employees to relate to it.
  • Enabling the company to gather and share relevant customer stories -not only to be used for marketing, but for increasing pride in the company as well.
  • Facilitating employees’ efforts to discover, build, tell and share personal stories – powerful fuel for employee engagement
  • Developing the leadership capabilities of key employees throughout the organisation in order to improve their ability to foster customer and employee respect as a leader.
  • Providing tools to enable story sharing – tools for discovering, building and telling stories, such as a storytelling handbook and targeted training.
  • Providing moderns tools to facilitate easy story sharing throughout the company, such as the OneStory app from Storytelling People.
  • Increasing awareness in the company regarding style and culture and its impacts – through inventories, assessments and workshops.