What is the link between the corporate story and content strategy?

The implementation of your content strategy

People derive a sense of purpose from the exchange of stories. However, without a narrative there is no story to tell. The corporate story is your umbrella, your inspiration and compass, helping you forge ahead with your story. Content is king – especially in community building. A thousand and one stories eventually come together to form a single corporate story about your organisation. That requires a specific content management strategy. What are the major stories and minor sub-plots and what target groups do you want to reach? We establish a story format using ‘story boxes’, making sure that your corporate story remains the common thread throughout all of the other stories.

Many organisations do not have a clear ‘we story’ or content strategy. Employees and customers are no longer able to see the wood for the trees. So, what does that mean? Penny wise, pound foolish, as the English would say. A clear and inspiring story enhances your power of communication and lays the foundations for the future of your organisation. The right content strategy brings people in touch with each other. After all, that is the heart of any corporate story: connecting people to your story.