What goals can you achieve with your corporate story?

Organisations that infuse their core story into every level of their structure have a stronger belief in the future and greater responsiveness to change. Everyone needs guidance, clarity and a sense of direction, especially in today’s incredibly dynamic world.

The corporate story is at the heart of it all. It drives strategic thinking and behaviour in every aspect, from building and maintaining the corporate culture, developing strong brand positioning and consistent marketing communications to confirming and reinforcing the corporate reputation. Completing a corporate story signals the end of one process but also ushers in the beginning of many more. On paper, we go into more depth here, but the corporate story provides us with a general direction and guides us toward several goals:

  1. Internal branding: storytelling to create a committed corporate culture
  2. External branding: storytelling to create a distinct and unique voice
  3. Employer branding: storytelling to develop an organisation in which everyone wants to work
  4. Reputation management: storytelling to reinforce the organisation’s good name

Are all of these processes really necessary? That depends on a number of factors, such as the size and nature of your business, its level of development, whether a merger or reorganisation needs to be taken into consideration and the clarity of your market profile. Storytelling People deals with different types of organisation with a wide range of corporate needs. They vary from relatively small family businesses to established A-brand organisations and multinational corporations.

The value placed on storytelling as a communication tool has risen, particularly in recent years. This is because society has rediscovered the unifying power of the shared story and because of the ever-growing need of consumers, customers and employees to be individuals while also belonging to something greater.

We sometimes refer to it as a revival of the age-old practice of gathering together around a camp fire. Everyone knows that feeling. The current internet age provides us marketers and storytellers with all the tools and possibilities we need to recreate that same feeling. We can share our stories far and wide while, at the same time, keeping everything up close and personal. Your own ideal corporate story is the fire while storytelling is the spark that spreads the flames.