What essential role does storytelling play in employee engagement?

Storytelling and employee engagement

Storytelling is an essential part of human life. Storytelling is the way in which people give meaning to their existence, pass on knowledge, learn behaviours and understand their past and future. If we project that data onto organisations, research shows that at least 40% of managers, 60% of middle management and no less than 90% of employees do not have a clear idea of what their organisation stands for. What is missing is a shared and embraced vision of the future. A lack of a vision spells dooms for any organisational changes. Achieving effective organisational change depends on first creating a common vision. Who are we? Where are we heading? This means that stories with which people can identify must be told and shared, and identification provides the opportunity for reconnection. When undergoing an organisational change, it is important to ensure that the desired change is supported. People have to believe that the change is meaningful, that it is beneficial and necessary, and that the organisation will ultimately be able to achieve it. This belief can be validated through stories about the organisation’s common purpose and its relationships with the outside world.