What are the four steps for a good corporate story?

The steps toward developing a story

The corporate story encapsulates the binding story while storytelling brings this story to life. That is how it works and it really is as simple as that. Storytelling People helps key decision makers to keep this process as insightful as possible. We work with a simple step-by-step plan that starts at the very beginning: Identifying a single, binding core concept and defining a fundamental core story.

Step 1: Finding out what people think

The core story provides answers to essential questions such as: Who are we? What makes us unique? What is our common purpose? Our experience shows us that the core story is always already there – it lives within the people themselves. That is where the process starts and into which we enter with our clients. This can be done based on a representative number of insightful interviews and conversations with people selected from all levels of the organisation. We also often work with interactive workshops, in which groups of managers and employees are given the freedom to share and respond to each other’s visions. This inspires lively and often extremely enlightening exchanges.

Step 2: Making connections to strategic objectives

There is always a catalyst for developing a corporate story. You may be a start-up looking to establish your values, mission and vision from the ground up. Or you may have experienced a recent reorganisation, merger or acquisition. Or perhaps your existing corporate story has remained unchanged for years and no longer truly reflects your company’s zeitgeist. By mirroring your objectives with everything that is resonating from your organisation, you always begin to see the first signs of a core story. We provide a clear overview of the most important findings, make a selection of the most commonly shared sentiments and thoughts, and collaborate with you on the choice of potential directions.

Step 3: Defining the essence and direction of the core concept

Can you capture the essence of an entire company in a single concept, instantly calling to mind images of what makes your organisation so distinct and unique? It is certainly possible and it is always what we strive to do, because it leads to the most powerful core stories imaginable. Completing the statement “We are …….” is crucial, because it allows the most prevalent or beneficial feelings to echo throughout the company culture. We call this the core concept. We generally present two or three options, pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of each in the form of a story. Based on this exploration, we work together to choose the fundamental core concept that portrays the essence of your organisation and fits like the proverbial glove.

Step 4: Writing the mission, vision, ambitions and competencies

After deciding on the core concept, it is time to fully develop the core story. In this step, the Why, How and What are identified. The mission, vision and ambitions are defined and described. The implications for the future are also examined with regard to aspects such as internal corporate culture, market positioning, human resource communications, PR and sponsoring. The starting point is a document that describes your organisation’s distinctive and inspiring qualities. The core story clearly indicates that the organisation understands its common purpose, to what it is committed and how it will achieve success. The result is a clear story in which every employee can see themselves reflected and to which they are able to make their own personal contribution (success, co-operation, winning).