How do you connect employees to corporate storytelling?

Storytelling People supports you during the implementation of a strategic storytelling programme aimed at increasing employee engagement.

When we tell stories, we share our experiences, speak about basic human issues and appeal to emotions – all of the elements that every company needs more of. Stories are the foundation of human interaction, learning and communication dating all the way back to the tribal gathering around a fire. It is behaviour that is so ingrained in the functions of our brains that we still learn best through stories. Develop pride in your organisation by collecting employee stories, highlighting the impactful work already being accomplished, and teaching leaders how to talk about company pride with their employees.

The company could start by inviting employees to share their own stories of the work they are proud of. In addition, the company could demonstrate the power of company pride and how to tell a great story. Offer your leaders storytelling skills and incorporate this into all leadership development programmes. Having leaders talk about pride at work also has a significant impact on their employees’ own sense of company pride and job satisfaction. This is certainly also the case when they encourage storytelling.